Autumn holidays on the Amalfi Coast

September, October and November in Amalfi
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Amalfi is one of those undefinable cities, a story worth living and difficult to express in words. It deserves the right degree of calmness, and you will need a bit of intimacy to truly taste its soul.

This is why autumn tours of the Amalfi Coast have such a special charm: an enchanting experience made of changing colours and tides that caress the balconies of the town, a secret beauty only a few people are lucky enough to admire.

The Offers for a hotel in the centre of Amalfi during September and October give you a chance to enjoy it all: amazing views, refined environments, inebriating flavours and the peace you were seeking.

  • The best view of AmalfiWhat’s the point of going on holiday on the Amalfi Coast, if you can’t enjoy an unrivalled view of this paradise? This is why you should choose a hotel such as ours, where you can have breakfast on our suggestive panoramic terrace.
  • Deluxe and Junior Suite, emotion at the topIf you want to live a real dream, choose a Deluxe Room or Junior Suite, rooms with Jacuzzi, characterized by the striking Vietri Tile Patchwork design.
  • The unique flavours of our territoryWe really wish for you to taste our best products, like our limone Costa d’Amalfi IGP, a special lemon from which is produced the famous limoncello of Amalfi.
  • Let others envy youWith our free Wi Fi connection in the whole hotel, you can post all the photos of your holiday on the Coast and make all your friends envious.
  • Your car takes a break tooWe are one of the few hotels in the centre of Amalfi to have a garage. If you want to use it, please specify this request before your arrival and with just a small supplement you can enjoy this great comfort!
  • Arrive directly by seaMake use of a convenient boat ride from Salerno, which docks at the port of Amalfi. Contact us and ask for luggage transport service to arrive comfortably in our hotel.

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Even more exclusive autumn holidays in our Deluxe and Junior Suites
If you rightly chose the most colourful and thrilling months of the season to fully experience the Amalfi Coast, enjoy the wellness you are looking for in the luxurious environments of our much beloved Deluxe and Junior Suite.

By staying in these suites the peacefulness of the town streets of autumn will pervade your room, thanks to the private en-suite jacuzzi with cromotherapy, while the Vietri Tile Patchwork bed design embodies the Amalfi soul and makes your dreams even more precious.

Experiencing the Amalfi Coast in autumn
In autumn the holidays in Amalfi transform like the colour of the leaves on trees, becoming something more than a simple memory: a true journey, of the unforgettable kind. The only protagonists of your adventure will be you and the authentic lifestyle of the coast, the same one the local inhabitants themselves live.

It’s not hard to find things to see on the Amalfi Coast in September, October and November while staying in such a splendid land, in a town capable of astonishing visitors from all over the globe with its magical atmosphere.

The distinctive streets and the pleasant autumn climate make the perfect scenery for discovering the secrets of Amalfi, a town that still breathes its glorious past as a Marine Republic. Here the local tradition is livelier than ever: its legacy can perceived both when entering the town's small shops, proudly exhibiting bottles of limoncello and exceptionally fresh fish, or when walking through the town centre, in front of the Duomo and its bell tower.

At the feet of Amalfi the sea awaits you with its very particular autumnal appeal, characterized by privacy and whispers of waves. Further off the coast you can find the Emerald Grotto and Capri as well, with its Blue Grotto.

Finally, don’t forget to visit the hinterland with its panoramic trekking paths that in autumn are much less frequented and far more fascinating: the Path of the Gods, the Ferriere Valley, and the paths towards Ravello and Atrani, all of which are immersed in truly unforgettable natural beauty.

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