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Imagine being able to see first-hand the place where the sea in Campania meets the rocks on the Sorrento Peninsula, immersing yourself in the most thrilling landscapes of a land where the sea caresses the mountains.

It is not a dream, it is reality: the trekking routes along the Amalfi Coast will lead you into an extraordinary world made of ancient paths and lush nature, where you can hear the sweet sound of the waves crash against the divine walls of the Path of the Gods.

The magic of this small gem in the Campania region opens up before your very eyes. You only have to prepare your backpack, choose your destination and set off on trekking itineraries in the Lattari Mountains, making the most of the convenience of a hotel in the centre of Amalfi which provides you with all that attention that gives you that extra special touch when you are on your holidays on the Amalfi Coast.

  • Walks with a FREE tour guideThanks to our synergies with the local territory, every day, you will be able to go trekking on the Path of the Gods, in the Valley of the Ironworks and many other extremely suggestive panoramic routes, accompanied by the Amalfi Quality Consortium, of which we are members.
  • The best view of AmalfiWhat’s the point of going on holiday on the Amalfi Coast, if you can’t enjoy an unrivalled view of this paradise? This is why you should choose a hotel such as ours, where you can have breakfast on our suggestive panoramic terrace.
  • Deluxe and Junior Suite, emotion at the topIf you want to live a real dream, choose a Deluxe Room or Junior Suite, rooms with Jacuzzi, characterized by the striking Vietri Tile Patchwork design.
  • The unique flavours of our territoryWe really wish for you to taste our best products, like our limone Costa d’Amalfi IGP, a special lemon from which is produced the famous limoncello of Amalfi.
  • Let others envy youWith our free Wi Fi connection in the whole hotel, you can post all the photos of your holiday on the Coast and make all your friends envious.
  • Your car takes a break tooWe are one of the few hotels in the centre of Amalfi to have a garage. If you want to use it, please specify this request before your arrival and with just a small supplement you can enjoy this great comfort!
  • Arrive directly by seaMake use of a convenient boat ride from Salerno, which docks at the port of Amalfi. Contact us and ask for luggage transport service to arrive comfortably in our hotel.

Trekking on the Amalfi Coast
July starting from 80 € per person per day, in BB
August starting from 85 € per person per day, in BB
September starting from 75 € per person per day, in BB
Ottobre a partire da 40 € per person per day, in BB

N.B. Rates for stays in standard double room
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Walking in order to enjoy all the beauty of Amalfi

There are so many trekking itineraries on the Amalfi Coast, one for each level of physical preparation and, obviously, to suit all tastes.

Here are listed only a few of the most beloved treks, which you can also experience with our free organized excursions:

Path of the Gods (Agerola – Positano)
Accompanied Trekking tours on Tuesdays and Friday included in the price.

Difficulty: average; Duration: 5 hours
Length: 8.6 km; Difference in level: 793 m downhill, 184 m uphill

It will be a real pleasure to go trekking along this path, considering it is one of the most beautiful itineraries in the world “furrowed again today by memory and myth”, as Calvino once said.

The trek develops along a beaten mule track with ups and downs on steps in both rock and stone, that are at certain points rather demanding. From the path it will be possible to see the Island of Capri, the final part of the Lattari Mountains and the islets of Galli.

Valley of the Ironworks
Accompanied trekking tours on Wednesday and Saturday included in the price

Difficulty: average-low; Duration: 4 hours
Length: 6.4 km; Difference in level: 309 m downhill, 309 m uphill

This is an itinerary that leads you to immerse yourself in the wildest nature of the peninsula, among waterfalls, woods and vegetation.

It requires a minimum of physical training, as it winds its way along a steep stone stairway and a subsequent beaten mule track.

Trail of the 13 Churches (Tramonti)
Accompanied trekking tours on Sundays included in the price

Difficulty: average; Duration: 6 hours
Length: 9.4 km; Difference in level: 450 m downhill, 450 m uphill

This is a trek that crosses 10 of the 13 hamlets of the municipality of Tramonti, each of which is characterised by a church of Medieval origins.

It is a circular route that winds its way partly on a beaten track, partly on road, that requires having a good level of physical preparation and being used to walking in the mountains.

Never-ending thrills with the Deluxe Room and Junior Suite

After a long walk through nature there is nothing as good as relaxing in your room and taking the time to unwind, especially when you feel tired after many hours of trekking outdoors. Even better if you could soak in a jacuzzi, a small gift to yourself for your return from a day dedicated to sports.

With the Deluxe Rooms and Junior Suites you will be able to fully recover and satisfy your body's need for relaxation, thanks to the en suite whirlpool bathtub with chromotherapy and the elegance of their luxurious spaces.

Everything here is designed to make you feel as good as never before, from the clean furniture to the comfortable bed with Vietri Tile Patchwork headboard. After all, a vacation wouldn't be considered itself if it wasn't relaxing.

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